We have a visionary approach to
learning, continually exploring creative
and innovative ways of delivering
quality training programmes to our
clients. This sets us apart from the

We harness the power of technology and ensure that we are on the cutting edge of the information age.

Our Networks

Collectively, Bussynet Advanced Trading‟s owners, staff and associates are able to draw on a wide range of influential role-players through their active involvement in education, training and development for more than 7 years.

Trainings recently completed:
For the past seven years of its existence, Bussynet Advanced Trading has trained / Facilitated the training of numerous professionals from different organisations in South Africa and beyond.

  • Corporate Governance Conferences & Effective Board & Board Processes
  • Industrial Summits on Robotics
  • Transport Telematics & Vehicle Safety Summits
  • King IV Workshops
  • Schools Safety Conferences
  • Corporate Security
  • Occupational Health & Safety

These programmes are offered as a full qualification in the form of a skills development programme. The broader programme can also be broken into smaller, standalone components,
which we are able to present as short forums, seminars & Workshops.