At Bussynet Advanced Trading we currently offer over 50 courses in 19 different subject areas.

We believe that the end result of any training or learning intervention should show a significant return on investment, whether it is increased performance, profitability or efficiencies.

No matter what option you choose, you will receive excellent customer service but
more importantly you will receive the most in-depth and practical training available anywhere in Southern Africa.

About Our Public Training Courses:

Our public training courses provide a quick and easy way for an individual or a small team to quickly get up to speed on specific skills sets.

These courses are scheduled throughout the year and are held in professional training facilities across the length and breadth of Southern Africa.

About Our Onsite/In-house Training Option:

This option provides a more economic and convenient training solution for companies with 8 or more Course Participants.

Any of our training courses can be supplied off-the-shelf or they can be customised to meet the unique needs of your team.

Our Corporate Account Executives are
uniquely qualified to help you and they take all of the guesswork and worrying out of the equation.

To find out more information about our onsite/ in-house training options, pricing and instructor availability, please contact Portia via email:

Our Associates

We have access to more than 300 highly qualified and experienced trainers specialising in a wide range of course content who meet our stringent performance standards.

This diverse human resource capacity that consists of individuals that have worked on international, national and local levels with proven track records of delivery in the education, training and development
programmes to the state, private and non-governmental sectors.

Within our pool of professionals are people that have worked extensively in all corners of South Africa.

It should be noted that our staff and Associates come from a host of backgrounds including national and local government, business and civil society organisations.

Our associates consist of a group of professionals who are active in all sectors of education, training, development and
the economy.

All our facilitators are highly qualified professionals with excellent track records in experiential learning and practical approaches to assist course participants to increase their chances of achieving success in their chosen career paths.