October 17, 2019 – October 18, 2019 all-day
Bussynet Advanced Trading

Bussynet Advanced Trading’s Telematics and Intelligence Mobility Conference is back for another year of deeper and intelligent look that goes beyond the obvious in latest available technologies for commercial vehicles and how they shape the transport industry in Africa.
Research and development into the connected car is gaining traction with each passing day, and with telematics in the middle of it all, this year’s conference will discuss how progress in the other parts in the world of Internet of Things – 5G technology for instance – will help the connected car, and what this means for logistics organisations, trucking companies and supply chain industry players. To recap, telematics enables remote access to vehicle data over a wireless network and is used for the collection and dissemination of information between vehicle-based electronic systems, for vehicle tracking and positioning, on-line vehicle navigation, information systems and emergency assistance. The interest in fleet managers and interest stakeholders in the commercial vehicle industry is in how they can leverage the latest 5th Generation internet technology to improve connectivity among their vehicles.
Besides connectivity, the issue of climate change and campaigns to reduce carbon emissions has dominated world headlines of late; the idea of green fleets and zero emissions targets has been on the agenda in the transport industry, and the conference will look at how this will affect African companies, and their responsibilities in contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in as far as carbon emissions are concerned. It is also the reason why we will discuss smart city and smart mobility solutions; namely, how town and road planning technologies can be made to include the emerging technologies in telematics and transport technologies.
Besides, we will also address developments in the usual topics of vehicle recovery, driver management, vehicle safety, fuel solutions, tracking technology and how it extends to trailers, and also why electronic logging systems being enforced in the first world to replace legacy paper logs is a good thing for driver management. The Telematics and Intelligent Mobility Conference has never failed in delivering value on cutting edge updates in transport and logistics technology, and this time will be no exception.

• Explore how the latest telematics technology is changing fleet management
• Analyse how smart city technologies can help in delivering efficient transport systems
• Assess the amount of coordination between policy makers and transport stakeholders in formulating strategies that promote industry growth
• Discuss the responsibilities and obligations of the transport industry towards sustainability
• Look at how telematics technology has made an impact in auto insurance

Target Audience
• Auto Actuary
• Automobile associations and federations
• Automotive electronics officials
• Business Development Manager
• Car hire operators
• CEOs & MDs
• Chief Financial Officers
• Chief Operating Officer/ Operations Managers
• Chief Safety Directors
• Chief Strategy Officers
• Chief technology Officers
• Chief Technology Officers
• Claims directors and managers
• Cross Border Transport Managers
• Customer Service
• Distribution Manager
• Distribution Services Manager
• Driver Performance
• Environmental Health and Safety Managers
• Fleet Coordinator
• Fleet Management Heads
• Fleet Management Strategists
• Fleet Managers
• Fleet Specialists
• Freight associations and federations
• freight division manager
• freight forwarding manager
• freight manager
• Freight Transport Directors
• Freight Transport Managers
• GPS manufacturers
• GPS Tracking Services
• Heads of Fleet Management
• Infrastructure Support
• Insurance Managers
• Internet Service Providers
• In-Vehicle Cameras
• Logistics & Supply Chain Managers
• Logistics Analyst
• Logistics Coordinator
• Logistics Managers
• Logistics Specialist
• Long Distance Passenger Transport Managers
• Maintenance Management
• Managing Directors
• Mobile Fleet Tracking
• Operation Managers
• Operational Safety Managers
• Original equipment manufacturers
• Product Managers
• Product Specialist
• Public Transportation Inspector
• Real-Time Tracking
• Risk Managers
• Road administration managers
• Road Safety Executives
• Road safety regulators
• Route Driver
• Route Supervisor
• Routing/Scheduling Clerk
• Safety and Compliance Supervisor
• Satellite Tracking
• Scheduler
• Short-term insurance officials
• Small Business Tips
• Smartphone app engineers
• Software Development Engineer
• Solutions Architect
• Strategy Specialists
• Supply Chain Coordinator
• Sustainability Managers
• Systems Analyst
• Target Audience
• Technical Managers
• Telematics services providers
• Temperature Monitoring
• Traffic Clerk
• Traffic Director
• Traffic Manager
• Traffic Operator
• Traffic Supervisor
• Traffic/Rate Analyst
• Transport Manager
• Transport Planner
• Transportation Analyst
• Transportation Attendant
• Transportation Broker
• Transportation Director
• Transportation Inspector
• Transportation Planner
• Transportation Supervisor
• Warehouse Manager

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