Your next step to industrial and human resources development

Bussynet Advanced Trading is a skills development organisation that seeks to provide practical, market driven, well researched and cost-effective business solutions to and large corporate organisations, government entities and other public sector organisations, as well as small medium scale enterprises on the African continent.

Our goal is to deliver compelling business intelligence to African business organisations through conferences, summits, workshops, in-house training, corporate sponsorship and exhibitions and executive coaching. To achieve this, we work with industry experts from all over the world, whose insights and experience in their respective professions will help towards the attainment of economic growth and poverty eradication.

We already know that Africa, with its young population, natural resources, vibrant wildlife and tourism opportunities, is a continent with the largest potential for industrial boom – the challenge is to ensure that the potential is realised, through harnessing the right knowledge and technologies that will take Africa to the forefront of industrial technological disruption. Thus, our technology events are aimed at helping governments and businesses on the African continent stay abreast of technological trends the world over and make business decisions that will keep their organisations relevant in the digital age.

We are committed to helping you take the next step towards achieving your organisation’s developmental goals. Our technology events are related, but not limited to the following industries and topics:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Cyber Security
  • Circular Economies
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Technology in Education
  • Industry 4.0
  • Drones and UAV technology
  • Smart Cities
  • Telematics and Intelligent Mobility
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • School Safety
  • Sports Science and Innovation
  • Sustainable Energy

Bussynet Advanced Trading is a leading skills development organisation proudly providing market driven, well researched and cost effective training to both private sector and public sector local and international. Bussynet Advanced Trading delivers compelling business intelligence via conferences, summits, workshops, in-house training, documentation training, corporate sponsorship and exhibitions, events management and executive coaching. We offer value added services that allow organisations to derive better return on their training investment. We provide training on various subjects such as telecommunications, security, health, finance, governance, fraud and corruption, occupational health and safety, employee wellness and HIV/AIDS, secretaries and PAs, procurement etc. Bussynet Advanced Trading is Black Economic Empowerment Company that consists of staff compliment that is from a previously disadvantaged community, youth and women. We strive to meet our clients’ needs with the latest art of technology.


Our Available Training delivery Options


At Bussynet Advanced Trading we currently offer over 50 courses in 19 different subject areas. We believe that the end result of any training or learning intervention should show a significant return on investment, whether it is increased performance, profitability or efficiencies. No matter what option you choose, you will receive excellent customer service but more importantly you will receive the most in-depth and practical training available anywhere in Southern Africa.


About our public Training courses


Our public training courses provide a quick and easy way for an individual or a small team to quickly get up to speed on specific skills sets. These courses are scheduled throughout the year and are held in professional training facilities across the length and breadth of Southern Africa.


About our Onsite/in-house Training Option


This option provides a more economic and convenient training solution for companies with 8 or more Course Participants. Any of our training courses can be supplied off-the-shelf or they can be customised to meet the unique needs of your team. Our Corporate Account Executives are uniquely qualified to help you and they take all of the guesswork and worrying out of the equation. To find out more information about our onsite/ in-house training options, pricing and instructor availability, please contact Portia

Via email: [email protected]


Our equity credentials


Driven by a team of highly experienced and passionate professionals with over 30 years in the training arena; Bussynet Advanced Trading is an empowered organisation which is PDI-owned and controlled with 100% Women Equity Ownership. We also believe that economic growth, development and empowerment are not only necessary but complementary processes.


Preferential Procurement


Bussynet Advanced Trading is a B-BBEE Level 4 compliant company. We seek out, select and engage suitable BEE and SMME supplier companies.


Employment Equity


The key to our success is our Employees. So as an equal opportunity employer we strive to reflect the demographics of our country in all of our recruitment processes. We are also fully committed to the principles of the Employment Equity Act and Skills Development Act and are committed to the ongoing training and development our own team.


What makes us different


As a new generation training company we have a firm commitment to you and our Course Participants. We want to ensure that there is a measurable impact and sustainable change from your learning experience, in short that you are able to apply your learning to real business problems. So we believe that the reinforcement of learning is vitally

important. Every Course Participant attending our training courses (public and/or onsite) receives extensive and ongoing Post-Course Support from Bussynet Advanced Trading Network and our highly qualified Course Leaders for a period of 12 months after the training course.


Giving back


We thought about calling this section ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ like most corporate companies do. But we aren’t your typical corporate company and at Bussynet Advanced Trading we believe in giving something back! Being a 100% woman owned company with a staff compliment predominantly made up of hard-working mothers, we decided to donate to non profitable organisations which focuses on the needs of children.




To provide innovative training and development solutions that will enable our clients to maximize the growth of human capital in their organisations and to uphold a commitment to quality and ethical standards in education, training & development.




Integrity Excellence Fairness in our dealings with all stakeholders Delivery of an effective and affordable service to our clients. Employee wellbeing Engender trust and the values of quality To respect the dignity and diversity of all individuals

To acknowledge that our customers’ needs are the reason for our business.




The company does its business in a transparent way and abide by all the laws and procurement procedures of our country, our integrity and moral values are important backbone of our growth hence we cannot afford to compromise it, we keep it guarded at all costs.