Occupational Health and Safety Conference 2021

Occupational Health and Safety Conference 2021

Download the full programme here: Occupational Health and Safety Conference 2021

Bussynet Advanced Trading’s Occupational Safety and Health Technologies is back at the Emperors Palace Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. To be held from the 27th and the 28th of May 2021, this year’s conference will dive deeper into the benefits of using technological applications in keeping workers safe, especially in heavy industrial complexes and mining environments where safety practices are literally the difference between life and death.

Besides, with the climate threat now apparent for all – with the fires destroying whole forests in North and South America as well as Australia – we will explore what corporations can do to help keep their surrounding environments safe for the whole ecosystem. Sustainable growth by corporations is becoming more urgent by the day, as corporate are required to live in harmony with their surrounding nature.

Among other topics, this year, we will focus on the following:

  • Virtual reality in OHS
  • Wearable safety and health technology
  • Safety and Health technologies for sedentary jobs
  • Predictive health and safety technology
  • Sustainability and the quest for zero harm in industries
  • Latest in safety and health requirements and the law
  • The future of work and implications for employee wellness

We will also discuss industries most vulnerable to OHS risk, and how they can high standards for health and safety in their respective fields; the conference offers an opportunity to discuss key developments, skills and training and lessons learned – all of which are needed for continuous, industry-wide improvement. It also offers an opportunity for leading practitioners in Health and Safety to come together to network with fellow industry peers and learn from and exchange ideas with those driving change and improvement throughout the sector.


  • To explore new technologies to improve occupational safety standards in the workplace
  • To discuss the levels of compliance with workplace safety and health regulations among organisations
  • To examine how mental disorders and drug use can affect occupational safety and health
  • To check how organisations are keeping up with the ISO 45001 on safety standards
Date: May 27 - 28, 2021
From: 8am
To: 3pm