Dust Control & Air Quality Management

Dust Control & Air Quality Management

The course presenter Henno Engelbrecht is a Director and co-founder of the Eco Elementum group of companies. Withvast experience in the air quality consulting arena he has been involved in numerous challenging projects and devised various feasible cost-effective solutions which has proven very successful in order to model, measure, manage and mitigate air pollution risks and issues as they arose across the country. The Eco Elementum team is currently involved with more than 50 projects where they actively model, monitor and measure various air quality parameters ranging from gravimetric dust fallout to more complex gaseous emissions
making use of various techniques and equipment applications available in the market. Henno has also been a member of the National Association for Clean Air since his inception into the industry in 2010 and has attended numerous conferences, workshops and training courses on air quality.


Various industrial processes have potential to generate air quality pollution and should there be inadequate monitoring and control systems; hazardous levels of pollutants may be liberated into the
receiving environment, potentially causing harm and leading to serious legal consequences for the parties involved. Regulations and standards therefore have been put in place as a way of limiting the air pollution risk and exposure to the receiving environment and public. It is therefore of utmost importance for commercial operations to implement engineering controls in their operations to ensure reduced air pollution generation and associated air pollution.


The aim of this training workshop is to provide an overview of air pollution and associated impacts, discuss the current legislative and regulatory framework, gain insight into air quality modelling, monitoring and measurement: towards a digital real-time solution and understand air quality management and control for the mining sector.


On the second day of the course, delegates will be given the opportunity to engage with various service providers, suppliers and role-players in the air quality management arena showcasing the most recent and technologically advanced solutions available to the market.


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Date: June 18 - 19, 2020
From: 8am
To: 3pm
Location: Emperor's Palace Convention Center