15th Corporate Governance Conference

15th Corporate Governance Conference

Download the full programme here: Corporate Governance 2021

The 15 Corporate Governance Conference, scheduled for the 23rd until the 26th of May 2021 at the Emperors Palace Convention Centre, will focus on developments
in corporate governance from an international perspective. As the governance and investor stewardship landscape continues to evolve, our leading expert speakers will provide attendees with key insights into corporate best practices and highlight future priorities for companies, investors and stakeholders.

In our ever-changing corporate governance landscape, new challenges, objectives, mandates and purposes arise within organisations. To tackle present challenges and plan for future occurrences, every Governance Professional and their boards must develop strategic approaches and practical insights into next level governance.

Our keynote speaker draws from his extensive experience with boards across multiple sectors and industries, to deliver a power-packed session on strategic and sustainable value creation. He explores establishing and maintaining the balance between risks and ethics, while supporting an overarching framework of accountability within the organisation, and to shareholders and other stakeholders. In the age of transparency, demonstrating a mastery of this skill set will set organisations apart from the rest, and embody the spirit of resilience, agility an innovation within the present age.

Digital Technology is slowly being recognised as an important enabler for innovations, as it brings forth unmatched opportunities and capabilities for growth and value creation. None of the opportunities, however, can be realised without dealing with the associated risks. Managing risks in the changing era is, thus, critical to an organisation’s sustainability.


Date: 23-26 MAY, 2021