September 19, 2019 – September 20, 2019 all-day
Emperor's Palace Convention Centre
64 Jones Road
Kempton Park
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CYBER SECURITY CONFERENCE @ Emperor's Palace Convention Centre

With most organisations in the developing world lagging behind in cyber security measures, there is a real danger that cases of cyber-attacks on state utility infrastructure, data and other property stored in the cloud might go on the rise. Already there has been high profile hacks into companies in South Africa, which include Liberty, ViewFines and Master Deeds. These attacks will put a stop to operations of critical national infrastructure and industrial operations if measures are not put to secure assets in cyber space.

World-famous ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya brought significant financial losses to a large number of businesses, including ones in South Africa. And in October last year, more than 30 million South Africans’ personal information was exposed online. Usually, the weakest link in these attacks is… people; yes, the common, everyday workers in an organisation who use digital implements within an organisation, but are not usually alerted enough as to the dangers of cybercrime. It is for the benefit of such workers that Cyber security programmes should be implemented in organisations – not just be for IT engineers; because they are, more often than not, not the target of attacks.

In their efforts to stay abreast with competition – whose scale has risen to global proportions since the internet shrank the scope of time and space – organisations in the developing world have modernised and upgraded their personnel, operations, software and hardware to levels that enable them to stand up to the best in the world. The Internet of Things has seen almost everything going digital – utilities infrastructure, manufacturing and industrial operations, the finance, payment and banking system, data storage, to mention a few examples. The scale of smartness and interconnectedness in our world is getting more sophisticated by the day; homes, industries; cities – it seems every piece of infrastructure now has some room in cyber space.

Sadly, the migration of all the above stuff into the cloud has attracted the unwanted attention of cyber terrorists and related actors who are hell-bent on hacking into the cloud where all the money and valuable data are kept; as a country. South Africa has already seen its fair share of data breaches and cybercriminal activities. According to research firm, Cybersecurity Ventures, the global cost of cybercrime will grow to $6trillion annually by 2021, which includes damage and destruction of data, stolen money, lost property, intellectual property theft, and other areas. Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, and every company in the world.

It is the aim of the Cyber Security Conference to find ways in which organisations can keep their soft assets safe and free from hacking breaches lurking in the shadows. The conference will take place on the 19th and 20th of September 2019, at the Emperors Palace Convention Centre, and will also explore ways in which public and private entities can work together to keep cyber threats at bay, as well as discuss the role of law enforcement fighting cybercrime, and the effectiveness of cyber laws in protecting people’s privacy, data, and other assets. The further purpose is to create awareness of the reality and presence of cybercrime, especially among people who have yet to be hardened and alerted on the existence of computer crimes and that they can be victims.


  • To shed light on the growing reality of cybercrime in the developing world
  • To assess the impact of cybercrime on the economy and organisational operations
  • To examine the effectiveness of cyber security efforts and explore how they can be improved
  • To check whether the legal and regulatory framework surrounding cybercrime has been an effective tool against hackers.



Nobuhle Nkosi


Nobuhle Nkosi

Head; Financial Lines Africa
Nadia Veeran-Patel


Nadia Veeran-Patel

Manager Advisory Services
Mayleen Baywater


Mayleen Baywater

Senior Product Manager: Securityple Title
Jorina Van Rensburg


Jorina Van Rensburg

Managing Director
Charl Ueckermann


Charl Ueckermann

Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Chester


Andrew Chester

Managing Director
Stergios Saltas


Stergios Saltas

Managing Director
Evert le Roux


Evert le Roux

Director: CSO & New Projects
Brett Skinner


Brett Skinner

Security Risk & Governance Manager
John Mc Loughlin


John Mc Loughlin


Target Audience

Analytics and data management professionals¬ Application Programmers¬ Audit Managers¬ Banks¬ Micro-Finance¬ Business Managers¬ Executives and Professionals¬ CEO¬ Chief Information Officer¬ Chief Information Security Officer¬ Chief of Cybercrime Section¬ Chief Risk Officer¬ Chief Security Officer¬ Chief Technology Risk Officer¬ Chief Cyber Crime Officer¬ CIO¬ Risk Manager¬ Head of Digital Security & Risk CISO¬ Head of Information Security¬ Communications and network operations professionals¬ Critical Infrastructure Owners & Operators¬ Critical infrastructure security managers¬ Cyber Security Responses Team¬ Data Centre Managers¬ Data Security Manager¬ Digital and Innovation Leads¬ Director Cybercrimes¬ Director Enterprise Technology¬ Director Global Investigations¬ Director Group Risk Management¬ Director Of Information Security¬ Director of Risk & Compliance¬ Director of Security¬ Director Information Security¬ Director Technical Investigations¬ Directors of Risk and Audit¬ Research Institutes¬ Enterprises¬ SMEs¬ Ethical Hackers¬ Finance & Compliance¬ Director Finance and VC representatives¬ Fraud Manager¬ Global Fraud Risk Controller, Government Departments¬ Head I.T. Governance¬ Head of Business Controls¬ Head of Business Risk¬ Head of Customer Security¬ Head of Cyber & Investigations¬ Head of Cyber Intelligence¬ Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence¬ Head of Cybercrime Investigations¬ Head of Cybercrime Unit¬ Head of Data Protection¬ Head of Digital Risk¬ Head of Emergency Response¬ Head of Fraud Investigations¬ Head of Fraud Oversight¬ Head of Global I.T. Security¬ Head of Group I.T.¬ Head of I.T.¬ Head of I.T. Security¬ Head of I.T. Security Operations¬ Head of I.T. Security Risk Management¬ Head of Information Security Risk¬ Head of Internal Audit¬ Head of Investigations¬ Head of ISAG¬ Head of IT Risk & Control¬ Head of IT Security¬ Head of Operational Risk Management¬ Head of Operational Security¬ Head of Operations & Infrastructure¬ Head of Payment & Financial Crime¬ Head of Payments¬ Head of Payments & Fraud¬ Head of Penetration Testing¬ Head of Policy & Performance¬ Head of Risk & Resilience¬ Head of Specialist Crime¬ Head of Technical Support¬ Heads of Corporate Security¬ I.S Manager I.T.¬ Audit Manager¬ I.T. Security & Compliance¬ I.T. Security Officer¬ Information Security Manager¬ Information Security Professionals¬ Information Technology Professionals¬ Infrastructure Manager¬ International Vendors & Technology Providers¬ IS Manager¬ IS Risk Manager¬ IT Manager¬ IT Security Analyst¬ Manufacturing Companies¬ Methods- and Process-Experts¬ Network Administrators¬ Physical Infrastructure and System Security Managers¬ Planners Responsible for Compliance and Government¬ Process Automation Control Systems and IT Engineers¬ Process Improvement Managers¬ Product Owners¬ Project Managers¬ Regulatory and Policy Professionals¬ Research and Academic Professionals¬ Risk & Audit¬ Security Advisors¬ Security Engineers¬ Security Manager¬ Security Supervisor¬ Software Developers¬ Software Architects¬ System Administrators¬ Technical Managers¬ Telecoms Companies and ISPs¬ IoT and Cyber Security Community¬ Universities¬ Utility Organizations

Target Industries

  • Aerospace/Defence
  • Automobiles/Parts
  • Banking
  • Casinos/Gaming
  • Central Government
  • Education
  • Electronic/Electrical Equipment
  • Food/Beverage/Tobacco
  • Healthcare
  • Household/Personal Products
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Media
  • Mining/Metals
  • National CERT
  • National Law Enforcement
  • Oil/Gas
  • Regional Law Enforcement
  • Retail
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation/Shipping
  • Travel/Leisure/Hospitality
  • IoT solutions, products and service providers
  • IoT and Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Distributors of IoT products
  • Owners and Operators of Critical Infrastructure
  • Industry bodies

Areas of Interest

  • Blind Signatures
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Business Continuity and Incident Response
  • Cyber Law Enforcement
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • Cryptographic Primitives and API’s
  • Data Security and Identity Management
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Digital Forensics
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • E-Governance and Secured IT Infrastructure
  • Fraud on Financial Inclusion and Payment Security
  • Government Security
  • IoT Security and Privacy
  • Network Security
  • New Threats in Cyber Security
  • Operation Center for Government and Finance
  • Risk and Threat Assessment
  • Safety and Privacy in Smart Cities
  • Security Awareness and Resilience
  • Secure Channel Protocols
  • Security of Internet Protocols
  • Security Policy and Management
  • Social Engineering
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